Rossiter's   African Family

African Family - a thread interpretation of a painting by Joss Rossiter from Soulbrushart

Birds inspired by Laurel Burch

A New York artist, Malcah Zeldis paints everyday life, biblical and historical subjects.  She exhibits at the American Folk Art Museum in New York.  Her website is

Malcah Zeldis's Passover Seder 

Lighthouse  (Original artist unknown)

Irit Bourla's

Irit is a kindred spirit having come from Israel as well.  While she also works as a travel agent, her primary love is painting.  Her website is

Lucky 7

Robb Havassy's Island Hideaway

Robb is a surfer, model and artist who lives in southern California.  

His website is

Georgia O'Keefe's  Gerald's Tree

Interpreting works of art, both great and small.


By Dina Kassel

Rainbow Fish was one of my granddaughter's favorite books when she was little. I painted it in thread one based on the book cover. Current location, her bedroom.

Decesare's   Memories on a Plate

Chatting women was inspired by a greeting card original artist unknown. Currently located in my home.

Chatting Women  (artist unknown)

A favorite of my step-son Jason, Thompson is an American artist who died at a young age in 1966.  An article in the New York Times is here: 

Rainbow Fish (artist unknown)

Dorothy Strait's    Cherokee Sisters

Blue lady was inspired by a picture seen on Internet. I loved the flowers and colors and therefore interpreted it in threads. 

Memories on a Plate
Memories on a Plate is a thread interpretation of a painting by Bernadette Decesare (threads done with permission of the artist).
 It evoked early memories of my Russian background and I fell in love with the painting.

 To See some more of Bernadette's original works, check out

Blue Lady (artist unknown)

Robert Thompson's Homage to Nina Simone 


Three Cherokee Sisters interpreted in threads by Dina Kassel. Original artist Dorothy Strait who herself is Cherokee and spent most of her life in Arizona. 

Beautifully framed by 
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Chatting Women detail

Both of these bird paintings are inspired by Laurel Burch. She was well known for her art and jewelry making in the 1970s. The hippie generation flocked to her.