Chauncey the Cat

Two elephants, original artist unknown. A whimsical embroidery created as a gift for my sister in law who loves animals.

Two Elephants  (artist unknown)

Grandma Reading to Granddaughter

Dreaming of Hanukkah was embroidered for my granddaughters. This was always our favorite holiday to celebrate together and they like to invite friends to hear me tell the story. We have transitioned and now my daughter Carley tells it and does a wonderful job. This thread painting is located at their home and I get to visit it when I see them. 

Boys and Dog


Dragon Fly  (original artist unknown)

Interpreting works of art, both great and small.

By Dina Kassel

Pebble Beach Where Big Children Play

The swan was inspired by a greeting card in the 1980s. I just liked the colors and clean simple lines. 

Glorious Swan

Boys and the dog was inspired by a greeting card in the early 1990s. I like the image of two pals just sitting on a little boat and talking. The colors and clean lines reflected pure simplicity.


Good Night Moon

Kids Play

A thread interpretation of Joanna Dempsey Stanton owls painting. Used cotton single threads by hand.

Joanna Dempsey Stanton's    The Owls

The eighth hole at Pebble Beach is my husband's favorite hole to play and enjoy the view. This was inspired by a photograph he showed me to help me understand why it was so special. This was the first embroidery inspired by a photograph rather than a painting.

Dreaming of Hannukah

Turtles, Slow and Steady  (original artist unkown)

Shapes and Colors (circa 1979)

Whimsical interpretation using some of my favorite colors.

Sleepy Dog (original artist unknown)

Chauncey was my daughter's black cat the inspiration for this embroidery. This was created in the 1990s.

Reading books to my granddaughters was one of my most gratifying times with them. Now they read books to me. 


One of my granddaughter’s favorite children’s stories they could never get enough of. Cover interpreted in threads and is currently in their bedroom.

This was embroidered in honor of my best friend’s first grandchild. Currently located in his room.