Carol Gonzales'   Flowers in a Vase

Tulips on a Bag

Created in cotton thread inspired by spring flowers

Original artwork by

Dina Kassel

Dina Kassel's   Riot of Flowers

Georgia O'Keefe's White Calla Lilly

Harlequin Lupine was inspired by a photo taken by a friend of mine. She photographed a good many of the embroideries on display on my website and in appreciation for all her efforts I embroidered this one for her. It is currently on display in her home.  

Flowers in Threads

The Flowers in a Vase were inspired by a friend's painting which were then interpreted in threads. It was created in honor of my friend Andrea as a "chemotherapy graduation" gift. She selected the painting and afforded me the opportunity to participate in her recovery process in both a real and symbolic way.

Flowers in a Vase

Close-up details

Georgia Okeeffe's Black Pansy

The playful Whale was inspired by a greeting card but worked on while sitting in the Butchart Gardens, a group of floral display gardens in British Columbia near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The day was sunny and the flowers were gorgeous, creating some of them in thread almost put me in a trance.

Playful Whale

Flowers in Blue

Interpreting works of art, both great and small.


By Dina Kassel

Dorothy’s Rose

Dorothy’s Rose in threads

based on a photograph of the roses in my friend’s garden.

This one was made especially

for Dorothy with great


Georgia O'Keefe’s Two Austrian Copper Roses, while they resemble to poppies there are clear differences. I created this thread painting for my friend Ken for his birthday in 2006. 

O'Keefe's Calla Lily  

Georgia O'Keefe’s White Calla Lily was an amazing challenge to thread paint in shades of white. I saw some of her artwork when visiting New Mexico and find her flowers particularly intriguing and sensual. 

Georgia O'Keefe's Two Austrian Copper Roses

Field of Poppies

Chagall's Bouquet of Flowers


Harlequin Lupine

Antelope Canyon as interpreted in threads by Dina Kassel.  Based upon the photo below.

Dina Kassel's   Antelope Canyon

Field of Poppies (calaniyot in Hebrew) reminded me of my childhood in Israel where they bloomed in spring. I loved them then as I do now and was inspired to create them in threads circa 1980-1985.  

"That's how the light gets in" ...

a verse from Leonard Cohen's ANTHEM