Oriental woodblocks by Hiroshige are one of my very favorites to interpret in threads. This is the latest thread interpretation titled Minowa, Kanasugi at Mikawashima from his series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. Just to emphasize I use no machine and no kits, this is done by hand. The hardest thing for me is to sketch it onto the cloth. It took over 8 months to finish.  

Hiroshige's Women in the Snow at Fujisawa

Torii Kiyonaga Bath House Women

Village Scene detail

Celebration detail

Hiroshige's Three Women with a Tipsy Client

Celebration (artist unknown)

Interpreting works of art, both great and small.

By Dina Kassel

Hiroshige's Minowa, Kanasugi at Mikawashima

Bathhouse Women detail

Hiroshige Village Scene

Woodblock detail

Hiroshige Wood Block

Hiroshige's Geisha Woodblock

In the Garden (Artist Unknown)