Dina Kassel's  The Singer

Dina Kassel's     Sound of Ocean

Kissing  (artist unknown)

These are tiles from the old city of Jerusalem. They were brought back after one of my brother's visits and I liked them so much I decided to embroider them. This was a sentimental project considering that Israel is our original homeland.

Dina Kassel's    Jerusalem Tile 1                                    Jerusalem Tile 2                                    

Dina Kassel's  Sisters Holding Hands

Malcah Zeldis'   Fighting for Peace

Malcah Zeldis'   Passover Seder   

Interpreting works of art, both great and small.

By Dina Kassel

Special Meaning

Sisterhood was inspired by a picture I saw on the Internet (artist unknown). It was thread painted for my best friend and 'sister by choice' honoring our sisterhood. It is located in her home and represents a true labor of love. 

Dina Kassel's   Sisterhood

Kissing was inspired by a greeting card  and thread painted for my husband on Valentines day. It is currently located in our home. 

Sisters holding hands- Based on a photograph of Tatum and Sophie my beautiful granddaughters. It is currently in their room as a gift from me. 

Shabbat Prayer - (artist unknown) was embroidered for Annie, my sister in law, who prepared so many wonderful Shabbat dinners for us. The food and warm company became a tradition for us any time we visited for a weekend. This embroidery was my gift to her. 

Shabbat Prayer  (artist unknown)

The Singer made for my son in law as a special gift.

Dina Kassel's   Lovers

Mariachi Band

Soulbrushart    Toons & Swoons

Dina Kassel's    Pueblo Lady

Mariachi Band was a commissioned work 
completed in 2015. I acknowledge artist 
Lea McAndrews for

helping me with the 
original sketch.

The  Pueblo Lady with Baskets popped off a  greeting card when I was  visiting New Mexico. This was embroidered in the late 1980s when I was still trying to 'feel my way around' shading and round objects. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Lovers was thread painted for my husband for his birthday several years ago. It was inspired by a picture (artist unknown) and we both really love this one.